Judo, based in Winnenden, Germany has been at the forefront of water treatment systems for over 75 years and is available in over 50 countries worldwide. Their grit removal filters work with a unique eco-friendly backwash technology, filtering out suspended solids and other contaminants down to 100 micron, ensuring that the aggressive foreign particles are removed from your water supply, to protect your buildings’ pipework and appliances The quantity of suspended solids, such as silica’s and grit in our water supply is increasing daily and authorities are not in a position to reverse the trend.

With budgetary constraints, aging infrastructure, a rapidly growing number of new connections to the municipal supply – notwithstanding the ever present bursts occurring on our water mains – the physical quality of water is deteriorating while our modern lifestyle is demanding superior water quality for our appliances, such as geysers, coffee machines, washing machines, dishwasher and sanitary ware equipment.

The Judo system, while being technically advanced, is very simple to operate and maintain. The clear viewing bell allows direct sight of the sieve so that you can easily observe the degree of fouling, and from there you can decide whether back washing is required. The units are available in either manual or timed automatic configurations, and most of the automatic models also have the additional option of a pressure differential switch.

The main advantage with the Judo systems is that you do not have to turn off the water supply when back washing; the water supply remains live with only a 0.2 bar pressure loss. With sizing to fit pipework from 25mm up to 200mm diameter, and flow capacities from 4100 ltrs/hour up to 200000 ltrs/hour, the Judo ranges cover most applications that you would encounter, protecting individual buildings or entire centres. From a financial view, the protection of our assets, whether built in or free standing is very important.

We all want the maximum working life out of our appliances so protecting them from damage is essential, both from their own value and the cost of their repair The back washing cycle is initiated by turning the top hand wheel in an anti-clockwise direction for three rotations. This opens a ceramic disc valve inside the unit and creates a vacuum in the cleaning heads which sucks the contaminants of the sieve like a vacuum over a carpet.

With Judo’s patented point of rotation system, the offset cleaning heads travel around the complete sieve until it reaches the stop. The action is then reversed to close the valve. The waste water can then be piped to irrigation or collected in a container for usage in an area where there is not sensitive usage.

One factor that cannot be forgotten is personal hygiene. With the build-up of suspended solids in holding tanks, pipe bends/valves, shower heads and appliances, we are creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria’s and pseudomas, making our water potentially dangerous to our health. This situation can also lead to partial blockages in the waterways, reducing flow, and absorbing heat energy. This makes your hot water system less effective. It can also traps other contaminants such as rust & organic materials, giving the water either discolouration or bad tastes and odours.

• Fine Filtering is essential to protect your pipes & appliances
• Filter is easy to clean & keep clean
• No need to switch off water to clean
• Minimal pressure loss – only 0.2bar
• Minimal flow rate restriction – 4,1m³/hr on a 22mm connection
• No cartridges to dispose of – Green
• Saves You Money!
Fast, Easy, Effective, Reliable
For informational videos – refer www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cAkQ23VrC2o